What Does an Arborist Do and How Can They Help?

What Does an Arborist Do and How Can They Help?

One of the most common questions we answer even from repeat clients at Redwine’s Tree Service is what does an arborist do? If you need professional tree removal, want to know the common diseases that plague various tree species, and how to take proper care of individual trees on your land, you likely already know why you should hire an arborist. In this explainer, our experts will detail the task an arborist performs and why they’re in such high demand in Florida.

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What Does an Arborist Do?

Arborists are responsible for taking care of the over 17 million acres of tree-covered forest land in Florida. They diagnose, treat, and eliminate trees carrying pests and untreatable diseases. Trees remain a sought-after feature for many commercial and residential property holders, as they increase real estate values by providing people shade, oxygen, and an efficient way of getting rid of pollutants.

Thousands of mansions, single-family homes, and grocery parking lots have trees in Florida, so professionals who can keep them healthy, ensure they will grow correctly, and prevent them from intruding on other people’s property are in high demand. These professionals are the arborists, and they plant, diagnose, and maintain billions of trees across America.

Landscapers vs. Arborists vs. Gardeners

Arborists, gardeners, and landscapers work with trees, shrubs, and woody plants, and a common mistake leads to confusing one for the other. Arborists and landscapers pass through extensive licensing and certification procedures before working professionally, but they have different jobs. Landscapers aim to keep your property looking its best, while arborists work to mitigate the risks of tree-related infestations, accidents, and brush fires.

As arborists work in the field, they face continuous retesting and recertification to remain qualified as tree health experts. They need to keep abreast of new technological developments, tree maintenance, planting, grooming techniques, and landscaping principles to keep working.

Your gardener may recommend band-aid fixes to your tree and plant-related problems based on professional experience, but a licensed arborist will give you scientific education-based care. You can talk to a gardener about lawn maintenance, paving, and fencing, but arborists are the experts in pruning, tree surgery, structural planting, and drainage.

Why Do I Need To Hire an Arborist?

Every year, hundreds of business owners and residents contact us after realizing the amount of time and labor they have to invest in a task that’s as simple as tree cabling.

Let’s review a few reasons why most of your friends and neighbors are already working with a licensed arborist.

Professional Pruning

If you let your trees go without pruning too long, adverse weather events like storms and hurricanes will rip away their unhealthy branches, damaging homes, outdoor fixtures, and cars.

Tree Removal

Arborists will do everything necessary to save a tree, but if you need to remove one from your property, you need a professional to prevent pests from nesting in its leftover roots.

Planting New Flora

Arborists will give you a scientific growth plan that takes sunlight quality, type of soil, and water into account before planting new trees and shrubs.

Plant Maintenance and Emergency Care

Arborists know how to diagnose, understand, and treat plant pests and ailments. They can also ensure your new trees won’t grow into your pool or your neighbor’s yard.

Hire a Tree Doctor Today

With an answer to the question, “What does an arborist do?” you now know when to call in the professionals. Our arborists are certified by the International Society of Arboriculture, so you can be sure that you’re getting professionals with the best research, tools, and educational background in the United States when you work with us.

Learn more about arborist consulting services by calling Redwine’s Tree Service at 321-615-1427 today and requesting a free consultation.

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