9 Tree Trimming Gear Tools Professionals Use for Safety

9 Tree Trimming Gear Tools Professionals Use for Safety

Arborists have one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. They’re up high, working with chainsaws and other tools that could easily injure them. Since tree work requires they work at great heights, they’re at risk of falling and sustaining an injury or, worse, dying.

So what equipment and tree trimming gear do they use to ensure their safety while on the job?

We examine some of the equipment used most by the best tree service contractors in Merritt Island.

9 Common Tree Trimming and Safety Gear Tools Arborists Use


Arborists use a chainsaw to trim trees and branches, chop wood, and more. This tree trimming gear is safer (and quicker) than using an axe for the job.


A ladder is a critical piece of safety equipment for arborists because it allows them to reach higher branches or even climb up into trees where they need to be. Ladders also offer stability and avoid the risk of a fall from great heights.

Chainsaw helmet

Arborists wear helmets made of hard plastic or metal that protect from falling branches or rocks kicked up by their chainsaw and from other hazards on the ground below them, such as falling limbs or rocks from above (if they’re on top of one).

Kevlar gloves

Kevlar gloves are tree trimming gear made from a synthetic material known as DuPont™ Kevlar®, which protects against sharp objects like tree branches without being too heavy like leather gloves would be in this kind of environment. Plus, they’re much more durable than cotton gloves.

Flipline or lanyard                    

Flipline or lanyards help arborists to maneuver around the tree as they work. Tree trimming professionals use these pieces of equipment to secure a climbing line, which can haul tools up the tree.

Friction hitch               

Friction hitches help arborists to ascend and descend a rope. The friction hitch is the easiest to learn and use, and it is simple enough that even a beginner can tie it correctly.

Climbing rope

Climbing ropes help arborists to maintain their balance while they climb up or down the tree. They can also help them with other tasks, such as tying off branches and lowering tools. The climbing rope consists of synthetic fibers like nylon or polyester, which are strong but lightweight and flexible.

Static climbing equipment

Arborists also use static climbing equipment to secure their position on the climbing rope, which includes double-locking carabiners and belay devices used for anchoring into trees. The anchor point is typically at an angle between 60 and 80 degrees from vertical so that the climber doesn’t get stuck on his way down from a tree.

This equipment includes a safety harness that keeps arborists attached to their climbing ropes so they don’t fall off while working high in trees.


Eyewear is a necessity for arborists. It protects their eyes as they work, ensuring they can see what they are doing. This tree trimming gear is essential when working with chainsaws and other power tools. Without eyewear, the risk of injury or blindness from flying branches and debris is very high.

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