Protecting Young Trees From Animals: Best Practices

Protecting Young Trees From Animals: Best Practices

Your yard has flowers, countless plants, and beautiful trees, but having lush land also brings out animals. Squirrels, deer, rabbits, and other critters may cause damage to trees, whether it’s the middle of summer or early fall. Protecting young trees from animals will help them grow healthy and strong.

Protecting Trees From Animals

Animals like to eat tree bark. They will also try to get into the deep tissue of the tree that can stop the roots from flowing water and nutrients into the leaves. There are several ways to prevent animals from damaging trees and prevent causing harm to critters. 

It is best to avoid using poison or traps. Instead, you should use humane methods to prevent injuring any animals that cross your yard. It is essential to take care of wildlife just as you take care of your land.

Planting and growing trees is a process that requires the proper knowledge and experience. Visit Melbourne’s top-rated tree services to learn more about growing trees.

Essential Ways To Protect Trees

Mulch the Right Way

If you use mulch, pile it away from the tree trunk. Then spread the mulch into a doughnut shape 2 to 4 inches thick. Having mulch touching the base will allow animals to access the tree and cause decay from moisture.


Buying fake animals such as birds or eagles will put off other critters. Furthermore, place them close to the trees so the animals can see the decoys. In addition, windmills are also effective.

It is best to change the location you place the decoys. Animals can catch the trick if they are constantly in the same spot. Remember to remove the decoy once the tree has grown significantly. 

Tree Location

Choosing the best spot to grow the tree is another good way to prevent damage. Climbing animals like squirrels will find any opportunity to move from one place to another. Therefore, it is better to plant trees 10 feet away from buildings and 5 feet from fences.

Protect Trees From Deer

Deer are larger animals, so having a significant barrier to stop them will be beneficial. You want it to be at least 6 feet high, so wrapping burlap around the trunk may not be enough. A fence made of wire mesh, such as chicken wire, will work better.

Another option is tree guards. They will protect animals from chewing the trunk. The guards should be breathable to allow the tree to grow and remove them during the spring to avoid the buildup of moisture that can cause decay.

Protect Trees From Rabbits

Rabbits tend to eat tree bark and will girdle the tree. Girdling is challenging to repair and can stop tree growth. The best way to protect the newly planted trees from rabbits is to install a chicken wire fence.

Protect Trees From Squirrels

Like rabbits, squirrels chew on tree bark and cause the same damage. A good way to stop squirrels is to wrap some metal around the tree trunk. It should be 2 feet wide and 5 feet tall to prevent squirrels from reaching the tree to climb.

Protecting young trees from animals takes the correct experience and knowledge. There are arborist consulting services that can better help you prevent damage to your trees.

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