5 Palm Tree Pests You Should Watch Out For

5 Palm Tree Pests You Should Watch Out For

Countless palm species fall prey to palm tree pests each season. Thankfully, there are several ways to save infected palm trees and keep these pests from killing the tree.

This post lists five great tips for palm tree care from Redwine’s Tree Service, a reputable tree service in Merritt Island, FL, and the surrounding areas.

Expert Tips For Five Common Palm Tree Problems

Palm trees are susceptible to pests in various regions, including Florida’s Merritt Island. The trend is unfortunate because elegant palm trees provide exceptional beauty and an exotic feel to any property year-round. Here are five of the most common pests:

1. Crown Borer

The crown borer wreaks havoc on Royal Palm trees and many others. It burrows into the tree’s trunk, making a cavity through which it feeds. Its tunnels are clearly visible from the outside and difficult to eradicate once established.

The best way to prevent crown borers is to keep the palm trees on the property healthy. For example, be sure to frequently prune palm fronds and remove dead branches that might house sneaky pests.

2. Palm Weevils

Another common problem arises from palm weevils, a type of beetle with a long snout. The weevil bores into the trunk. It also lays its eggs among the roots and eats the leaves and fruit.

What is the best way to prevent palm weevil infestation? Keep your yard clean. Start by removing fallen leaves and branches so there is no shelter for the weevils during the winter.

3. Scale insects

A palm tree regularly loses its leaves. However, if you see holes in these dead leaves or they are curling up unnaturally, it might be time to check for scale insects. Check for small, oval-shaped creatures on the underside of leaves.

Scale insects are yellow to brown or black and stick out like a sore thumb on the plant. These palm tree pests damage the tree’s structure by sucking nutrients from it as they feed. They also release honeydew, which attracts other pests like ants and sooty mold fungus.

4. Ants

Ants are probably the most annoying insects property owners have to deal with on a palm tree. They love to eat the sap and fruit of a palm tree but do a lot of damage in the process. Should you panic if you see ants on your palm tree? No, it’s not a sign that your tree is already dying. However, it may indicate an underlying problem, so it is best to contact a certified arborist like Redwine’s Tree Service.

5. Aphids

Aphids are one of the most common pests on a palm tree. Typical aphid behavior includes the following:

  • Small, soft-bodied insects feeding on the sap of plants
  • Insects congregating around the crown of a tree, where its leaves grow from
  • Groups of aphids living on one leaf or stem (or even multiple stems)

These pests congregate on many plants, including palm and citrus trees. If you see one aphid, there are more nearby.

Call the Tree Experts in Merritt Island, Florida

Do you have an ailing palm tree? Don’t wait to call for assistance. Even if it’s not a palm tree, the professionals at Redwine’s Tree Service can help your Florida property’s trees thrive. 

If you need a team of licensed arborists, we are ready to help. Our trained and certified tree care experts have all the gear needed for tree trimming and other tree services, including pest control, termite damage, and tree diseases.

Call Redwine’s Tree Service at 321-615-1427 today to say goodbye to palm tree pests in Merritt Island, FL, or nearby locations.

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