How to Take Care of Palm Trees: Tips and Tricks

How to Take Care of Palm Trees: Tips and Tricks

Palm trees, those mainstays of the tropics, provide a unique treescape in many southern states. They exude luxury and provide beautification, shade, and a defined landscape, adding considerably to your home’s value. 

What’s more, they are low maintenance and hardy, providing for a hassle-free tree care experience. But, how do you take care of these tropical trees to ensure they are long-lived?

We cover essential tips and tricks from tree service professionals in Melbourne, FL, to help you palm trees grow and, more importantly, thrive.

How to Take Care of Palm Trees: 5 Tips and Tricks

Tip 1: Planting

When planting a palm tree, water the sapling well before planting and then dig a hole approximately twice as deep and as wide as the root ball, ensuring the top part of the root ball is just above the soil line.

Backfill the hole with planting mix and native soil and then water the palm tree well, applying 1 to 2 inches of mulch to extend some inches beyond the tree canopy. During the first week after planting, be sure to water your new tree daily.

Tip 2: Indoor Palm Tree Care

If you’ve planted an indoor palm tree in a pot, place it in a high-quality planting mix in a larger container that drains well. Create a humid environment in your home, especially in the drier winter months, plant your tree in bright indirect light, and ensure that the roots don’t touch the water.

Majesty palms do well in moist draining soil, but other palm tree species prefer drier soil conditions.

Tip 3: Outdoor Palm Tree Care

Palm trees thrive in full sunlight but will tolerate shade well.

Once you’ve planted a new tree outdoors, water it thoroughly twice a week for two to three months when the tree should be fully established. Remember, palm trees are tolerant of drought conditions, so once established, they rarely need watering.

Tip 4: Pruning

Palm trees don’t need trimming and pruning like other trees. However, if the fronds turn brown, you can trim them back to encourage new growth and keep your trees looking beautiful.

Use pruning scissors or pruning shears for small trees and a pole saw or loppers for large trees, making sure to cut the fronds to where the stalk meets the trunk. If your palm tree is indoors, use everyday scissors to trim the damaged foliage.

Tip 5: Continuing Care

Palm trees require moist draining soil, so do not allow the soil to dry out completely for the first months of planting, watering heavily until the tree establishes itself (2-3 months). However, do not enable soggy conditions as this encourages fungal growth.

Apply a foliar feeding in early spring and a slow-release fertilizer every four months during the first year. Wrap your palm trees with frost cloth (or burlap) and mulch to protect them from the frost in the winter months.

After your palm tree reaches the one-year threshold, apply granular feed. To maintain your tree size, prune off dead fronds off the bottom to middle areas and do not top your trees under any circumstances.

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